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Sports Properties

We're lucky to work with some of the largest sports leagues in the world. With our partnership deals, we will be identifying, notifying and providing our users access to short-form live content for the best moments in their respective sports.

Latest blog posts

March 8, 2023
Buzzer is changing the way you watch live sports…again. Introducing Sponsored Moments’ our first ad supported viewing experience.

Starting March 8th, with our first partner DraftKings covering the cost of watching live NBA League Pass games for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You heard that correctly. No subscription. No microtransaction. No credits. Basketball straight to your phone, gifted by our friends at DraftKings. 

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March 8, 2023
Indian Wells Masters

The first Masters 1000 tournament of the year…The ATP Tour is back at Indian Wells and available for the first time ever on Buzzer.

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February 18, 2023
Ranking the Top 5 NBA Slam Dunk Contests of the Last 30 Years

The 2023 NBA Slam Dunk Contest might not have the household names we’re used to but that doesn’t mean contestants Kenyon Martin Jr., Mac McClung, Trey Murphy III, and Jericho Sims can’t throw down insane dunks. Can any of these participants put on a show that rivals the special performances of the past? To get us ready, let’s look at the 5 best Slam Dunk Contests since 1990. Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buzzer?

Buzzer is a mobile app built to make watching live sports easier and more accessible

What can I watch on Buzzer?

On Buzzer, you can watch basketball & tennis, moment by moment.
- NBA League Pass Games - 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q, Overtime
- WNBA League Pass Games - 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q, Overtime
- ATP Tour - Tiebreaks, End of 2nd set, End of 3rd Set

Do I have to pay?

- Download today and you’ll receive your first $50(5,000) of Buzzer credits on the house
- With Buzzer credits, you can watch live sports without pulling out your wallet
- If you have run out of credits, look for ways to earn more, or you can make secure microtransactions for as low as $0.99

How do I use my credits? 

Simply tap a live moment in the “Moments” tab and hit “redeem with credits” and you’ll be dropped immediately into live action

Buzzer keeps saying they will notify me when things get exciting - What does that mean?

Buzzer uses live data & machine learning to predict the most exciting moments in sports. Once we’ve identified a “moment”, we notify users based on who they follow.
- Teams -> Close game moments
- Players -> Big performances
- Bets -> Picks that are coming down to the wire
- And more

What does following a league, team, or athlete really do? 

Preferences in Buzzer inform the notifications you receive - Select your favorites and we will let you know when there are exciting live moments to watch.

Why are some games & tournaments blacked out? 

Based on our sports rights agreements, unfortunately there will be blackouts on the Buzzer platform. 
- NBA & WNBA League Pass: Can’t watch local market games or nationally televised games
- ATP Tour: Can’t watch the major tournaments and a few select 250 & 500 level tournaments throughout the year

Why can’t I watch ATP matches that are currently live? 

Based on our agreement with the ATP Tour, you can only access certain moments of the match so make sure you come back or turn on notifications so we can let you know when to come back!
- ATP - Tiebreaks, End of 2nd set, End of 3rd Set

What happens when I follow a bet? 

Following a bet simply notifies you when a specific bet gets exciting. Place a bet on FanDuel and want to watch it live? Make sure to follow it on Buzzer!