November 4, 2022

Access to Live Sports Just Got Easier: Introducing Credits

Access to Live Sports Just Got Easier: Introducing Credits

Watching live sports on Buzzer just got easier! We’re making it fast and fun to tune into the best Buzzer Moments on our platform - from buzzer beaters in the NBA to the final games in a close ATP Tour match - by giving you the gift of Credits.

What are Credits? Buzzer Credits are an in-app currency that can be exchanged for access to live content throughout the entire NBA, WNBA and ATP Tour seasons. 

How does it work? 
Tap on a notification or live Moment in-app.
Select Watch for X Credits.
You’re in! 

We’re spicing things up by gamifying the experience and letting YOU choose how you want to spend YOUR Credits. You can earn Credits by engaging with the Buzzer app and our partners, including by: 

1) performing specific actions in the Buzzer app
2) claiming Buzzer promotional offers
3) redeeming promo codes made available by our partners. 

And this is only the start!

“The Credits feature allows our most engaged users to get more out of Buzzer. Providing value to our community is always a focus of our brand and this tool is the first gamification experience for users to watch games for free as part of their loyalty.”

-Bo Han
CEO, Founder of Buzzer

100 Credits has a value of $0.99. The above payment conversion chart helps you to optimize collection and spend of Credits based on your viewing needs. Spend 100 Credits to watch the end of a close ATP Tour match or the final minutes of a tight NBA match-up, or, spend 300 Credits to watch the entire second half of an NBA League Pass game!

The goal with Credits is to reward you for your engagement and get you into the live action even faster. Stay tuned for more ways you can earn Credits in the future by witnessing history happen on Buzzer.

Questions? We’re available to help at

See you when the Moment strikes,

Deb Kim
Sr. Associate, Operations