February 11, 2022

Follow Bets, Get Moments

Follow Bets, Get Moments

Earlier this week, Buzzer announced a partnership with FanDuel, kicking off our first deal with a sportsbook. We’re kicking off the partnership by introducing the ability to follow your bet in-app, get notified when the bet is close late in the game, and watch the bet hit live. 

At Buzzer, our focus is on providing storylines that drive fans to watch live sports that matter to them most. With betting, you can’t ask for more varied, personalized, and exciting storylines than the wagers you make on a daily basis. Simply put: every bet you place is a can’t miss Buzzer Moment. 

Will this +700 underdog pull off the upset? 

Will this -9.5 spread hit?

Will they score more than 230.5 points?

The beauty of sports betting is that every fan bets differently and Buzzer is uniquely designed to fit each fan’s betslip.

From the pregame spread, to the moneyline, and over/under, fans can follow all of the betting staples  right from the game card of any NBA League Pass game. 

Just open the app, tap on a game, and tap on a bet. You’re locked in. It’s that easy. 

For us, betting isn’t just an abstract concept. As someone that bets on sports, I feel the pain. There isn’t a great way to stay updated on how your bets are doing. My method is frantically refreshing scores or watching the game. Some apps let you track your bets and others let you get score updates with betting info, but both scenarios just send notifications at the start of the quarter or after the game has ended. Neither of these help solve the core problem of fans watching the games they bet on. Either multiple games are on at once, fans don’t have access, or they’re on the go and just can’t watch. 

What’s next? Improving discovery of bets, following prop bets and parlays, and more (🤫)! But in the meantime, have some fun with it! Screenshot the bets you follow on Buzzer and share them on Twitter to @buzzer - we want to see the bets you’re following! 

If you have any feedback, ideas that you want to see, or just want to chat about all things sports and betting, message me on Twitter @MSimo1111

Always Buy The Hook,

Michael Simon
Senior Product Manager
Buzzer ⚡