January 5, 2023

Snackable Live NBA for Less!

Snackable Live NBA for Less!

The Product team at Buzzer set a new year resolution to reimagine how our users experience the best live Moments across the NBA: pay only for the Quarters you want to watch!

Wait, wait… what’s happening?

We’re offering an easier way to tune-in to NBA games one quarter at a time, at a lower price. Our goal? Help you get the most out of your Buzzer experience, make it easier to hop from Moment to Moment and let you tune into only the excitement that matters to you.

We get that watching sports should be snackable and easy to access, so we’ve shipped a first-of-it’s-kind mobile model for live streaming.

How much does it cost?

So I get to choose when I tune in?

That’s the beauty of Buzzer’s microtransaction model! Pay for one quarter at a time, as you please. When a quarter ends, we’ll present you with the option to use your credits to watch live (or via Apple & Google pay if you’ve run out of credits) to watch the next exciting quarter.

Don’t miss – we’ve got NBA action every. single. night.

Let us know what you think at help@buzzer.com

Happy New Year!

Malcolm Moore
Product Design & UX Research Manager