November 7, 2022

Your Moment, Our Moment - Get Out and Vote!

Your Moment, Our Moment - Get Out and Vote!

Buzzer brings you, the fans, the best of live basketball and tennis so you don’t miss out on the moments that matter to you. Today we invite you to celebrate a moment that matters to us all - stepping up to the polls and casting a vote on Election Day.

Today [and over the past few weeks], members of the Buzzer team, our community and millions across the country will exercise their right to vote. While we might not agree on all issues or candidates, we recognize Election Day is a critical moment for all of us. Here at Buzzer, we are committed to helping you take advantage of your right to vote and promoting safe and fair elections.

We’ve partnered with When We All Vote this election cycle to ensure we play a role in getting as many people as possible to the polls. We included the following banners in our Buzzer Beats email.

We’ve also encouraged our internal teammates to serve as poll workers, work the phones, help seniors and individuals with disabilities cast their vote, and share #WhyIVote in Slack and on social media. We’d love to hear why you vote as well. Tag @buzzer on your social media channels or respond to our post on LinkedIn.

If there is any moment you should not miss, it’s voting. Voting is not just a right; it’s a privilege, as highlighted by our CEO, Bo Han:

I immigrated to the States when I was 3 years old from Korea, and I was granted the privilege to vote when I became a naturalized US citizen when I was 18 years old. Your right to vote is a privilege, and something that is not guaranteed around the world as well as in this country, not too long ago.

With that, we encourage all of you to take part in this critical moment - get out and vote! 

See you at the Polls!

Jen Cozen
Director, Business Operations

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