Powered by Buzzer equips sports media companies with powerful ML-driven products -- validated over our three years of D2C development, delivering the best moments in live sports -- in a manner that is hyper-personalized, easy to integrate and focused on moving your critical growth, engagement, and monetization KPIs. Our team leverages analytics & proprietary machine learning to help direct-to-consumer platforms detect & deliver sports fans the live moments they can't live without.
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Moments API

Proprietary tech that predicts, detects, and delivers the most exciting moments in live sports. We'll drive engagement with your live content by powering actionable, timely, personalized alerts and in-app experiences, driving the outcomes you want around viewing, betting, purchasing, and more.

Personalization API

We'll power a fully frictionless discovery experience by creating content recommendations with minimal user input, enabling every user to have a unique experience that drives more action and re-engagement.

Live Video

We can bring you the low-latency, fan-centric video experience we've developed over three years, either end to end or via integrations with your current player platforms. We'll enable you to experiment with new rights categories and monetization tactics.


We'll incentivize users to tune into your live content via predictive picks contests both before the games begin and while they're live.