Strive is an intentional and impactful initiative that utilizes Buzzer’s unifying platform to create more equitable social and economic outcomes for communities of color. 


Buzzer is dedicated to leveling the playing field. Through our company’s mission, values, product and financial tools, our goal is to create more opportunities for communities of color. Strive will serve as that vehicle for Buzzer to drive positive change and outcomes in our society.

Leveling the playing field for communities of color

Strive Mentorship Program

Established in 2020, the Strive Mentorship Program aims to foster meaningful connections between college students, with a special emphasis for those enrolled in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), with experienced industry professionals in the following sectors:

Venture Capital

The interactive program will allow mentees and mentors to discuss a range of topics, from career and professional goals, experiences in the workplace, building their leadership skills, to identifying strengths and weaknesses. Through facilitated sessions, both mentors and mentees will have a chance to cultivate strong relationships, ultimately providing the opportunity to learn and grow.

Applications for #StriveSummer2023 now closed.
  • Key Strive Mentorship Milestones
  • Kickoff Event
    Week of June 12th
  • Session 1
    Week of June 13th
  • Session 2
    Week of June 26th
  • Session 3
    Week of July 10th
  • Session 4
    Week of July 24th
  • Session 5
    Week of August 7th
  • Culmination Event
    Week of August 9th

The Strive Impact Model

1% of the company’s equity will be allocated to ‘leveling the playing field.’ This fund will ensure that Strive is prioritized and scales at the same rate of our growth. The investment will support Strive’s mission, partners and causes. As the company grows, so does our investment in this area.
Net Profits
1% of net profits will be reinvested into partnering with non-profits focused on enhancing and empowering Black communities and communities of color. This solution is meant to partner with and contribute to impactful organizations that are providing resources and support for our future leaders and customers.
Community Engagement
Invite participation and engagement from each and every Buzzer customer to affect change through partnerships with non-profit organizations aligned with Strive’s mission and vision. The ambition of this commitment is to leverage the Buzzer platform to highlight opportunities for consumers to engage with and learn about organizations that are investing in communities of color.
Employee Volunteerism
1% of employees’ time spent at Buzzer will be dedicated to volunteerism. Whether it is mentoring for Strive, volunteering at a school or supporting nonprofit organizations with technical and professional expertise, teammates are encouraged to level the playing field in ways that are personal to them.

Strive Community Partners

Interested in partnering with us? Email Strive@Buzzer.com